Clicker training

05 Mar

Clicker training is a popular and well marketed dog training technique. But it is over-rated.

There are several common objections to clicker training when user of this technique is unskilled clicker trainer:
1.Dog will not perform the behavior without the clicker
2.Dog will become distracted by the clicks of other trainers in a class or public setting
3.Dog can get fat with clicker training because they get too many treats
4.Difficulty to clicker train in noisy environments
5.Dog may only listen and obey if the owner is carrying treats
6.In some situations a clicker may not be loud enough.
7.If the Some dogs are sensitive to noise and frightened by a clicker.
For these dogs clicker training won’t work.
For training sporting and hunting dogs, it doesn’t really work
On the other hand, we’ve found the very popular books and videos teach the time-proven methods with voice, hand and whistle commands. A dog that is ranging out 100 feet from its trainer is not going to hear a clicker sound, especially if the wind is blowing and the typical outdoor sounds are present. The dog will hear a yelling voice or, better yet, a whistle. And, the best and most effective training tool, the electronic collar, allows trainers to control and train their dogs at up to 200 to 300 yards! This is a fantastic tool that, when used properly, accelerates the training safely and quickly. The DVD entitled Top Dog shows the trainer how to easily train with the electronic collar.
If you’re looking to train a house dog in your home, the clicker will work. But, the voice and whistle work as well if not better. And, if you want to train your dog to hunt waterfowl or upland birds.
In summary, if you want a well trained family dog and/or a master hunting machine, get videos and books that have proven themselves over the last 50 years! They cover the basics and the advanced methods and it only takes a few minutes per day. And, enjoy a well trained and happy dog!


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